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imageUnderwater Harbors in America

This site is a review of evidence that will forever change the history of North America, shifting our view from what we think we know about America to a whole new and radically different perspective of pre-historic civilizations on the North American continent.

There are many underwater harbors, channels and canals on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts that are covered with vestiges and remnants of a sophisticated, and large culture or civilization that existed BEFORE current sea level rose an average of 5' 5". Evidence on this site, shows many harbor areas on much of New York's Long Island Sound and other East Coast locations, Florida Gulf Coast and Mexico, to have been 'worked' and 'inhabited' by a very large, and technically sophisticated population of canal builders during some remote period. Both Florida and New York have extensive offshore harbor and canal-channel systems that are at least -7,000 years old. The top photo is a harbor in Florida, and the photo to the left is an unused harbor in NY's Long Island Sound.

These structures were built BEFORE the water table rose to its present level. Some of the structures are between 6' to 15' BELOW current mean water sea level. The chart below, from, using the Jamaica plot figures, shows a 5' 5" sea level rise since -7,000 years before present.

Without question, a technically advanced, sophisticated civilization lived here on our coasts building very large, very complex harbors and canals. Many of the harbor systems are connected to a secondary tidal shoulder, close to a shoreline, but not to the existing shore, and have no current use, purpose or function. Many of the harbors appear to be between 6' and 9' underwater. Local evaluation will establish exact depths.

We have separated our field sites into Florida, New York, Maryland, Virginia, Mexico and South Africa. Please select from the menus on the upper right.

If you are interested in working on one of the expedition sites, or would like to contribute to our research efforts, please contact us immediately.

This is an interactive webBook using Google Earth images. You must have a Google Earth plug-in to view our site location pages. Download the plug-in from Google Earth.

Dedication: This book is dedicated to Lloyd Pye. A good friend and mentor. RIP

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